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Friday, June 12, 2015

Fun Friday – National Smile Power Day – 3 ways to celebrate

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I bet you can’t guess what I just found out…? June 15th is celebrated as National Smile Power Day. Yes, it’s another National holiday that I’d like to celebrate with you. This is one that you can participate in simply by sharing a smile.

If you’re not sure exactly how to participate in National Smile Power Day, below are a few ways:

1.      Say a simple hello to those you pass by throughout your day
2.      Share a joke with someone
3.      Share a funny story with someone

Since I’ve already smiled hello to a few people and shared a joke with a friend, I’m ready to share a story. Here it is…

When I left work one Friday, one of the tires on my car looked a little low. As I started the car, sure enough, the low tire pressure light was on. I stopped at the closest gas station along my route. Thus, began my adventure.

Upon arriving at the gas station, I had to get quarters for the air machine. Quarters in hand, I was ready for my mission. As I took the cap off the tire, it flipped out of my hand and rolled somewhere. I was crouched on the ground, in a dress, searching for that miniscule cap.

The cap to the tire was nowhere in sight. I gave up on finding it and shifted my focus to putting air in the low tire. Although I wasn’t sure how much air I was putting in, I could see the tire rising. Not wanting to overinflate the tire, I used my best guess at when there was enough air in the tire.

As I replaced the air hose all I could think was, I should have asked for a tire gauge for Mother’s Day. With the low tire scene behind me, I pulled away from the gas station and headed home. But, not before the check engine light came on. All I could do was sigh and say, really? This time I had to smile to myself.

Thought for today…“Do not let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world.” -  Author Unknown

Do you have a story or joke that will make someone smile?

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