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Friday, April 24, 2015

Fun Friday – Uncovering humor in odd situations

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Do you have a friend who seems to always attract odd happenings? This happens frequently when I’m out somewhere with my mother.
While out shopping at a local department store, a woman approached my mother and I. She asked, “Can I tell you ladies a joke?” My mother and I paused a moment.  I looked around to see if were on some hidden camera show. Then I thought maybe were the millionth customer and at the end of the joke confetti would fall from the ceiling and we would be awarded a prize.
Being the friendly people that we are, mom and I listened to the woman. When she finished her joke, I gave a little chuckle. I looked over at my mother and she was laughing hard. The joke was not that funny, mom’s laughter was a bit extreme, but I guess she didn’t want to woman to feel odd for randomly stopping us. Hmmm.
Yard Work
Let me start by saying I’m a fan of the children’s book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. The premise of the story is that when you give someone something they will want something else. And that’s exactly what happened when my mom’s young neighbor asked to do yard work for her.
My mother told the young guy he could rake leaves for her and he was ecstatic. Once he was done raking leaves, he asked my mother for something to drink. She gave him something to drink, then the neighbor asked if my mom could drop him off across town.
In this situation the proverbial mouse wanted a cookie, a glass of milk, a piece of cheese and anything else he could get.

Keeping down body odor
It’s always a good feeling being clean, but I think my teen son has taken being clean to a new level. Every time I ventured out to the store my son said he needed deodorant. A few times I purchased deodorant as my son asked.
 I went into my son’s room recently to open up the windows for spring cleaning and discovered his stash of deodorant. He didn’t need new deodorant every time he asked for it. In fact, he already had 5 or 6, maybe even 10.
After this discovery, I told my son, “You should not have armpit odor for months. There’s no excuse.”
In what odd places have you found humor lately?


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