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Friday, April 10, 2015

Fitness Friday – 7 Excuses for not exercising

Get up and get moving, fit in exercise where you can.
The alarm clock sounded at 5:30am, as the faint sounds of music filled the room, I hit the snooze button. Nine more minutes of sleep, then I would get up and exercise. The alarm soon sounded again, this time as I reached for the snooze button, I pushed the volume button by accident. Music blared. Might as well get up at this point.
Have you ever had a day where you came up with every excuse you could think of for not exercising? It happens to the best of us. Below are 7 excuses I’ve heard for not wanting to exercise and reasons to counter act them.
1.      I just exercised yesterday, I don’t want to overdo it.
Two consecutive days of exercise won’t cause you to over exert. Go at a comfortable pace and adhere to the signals of your body.

2.      I’m not losing any weight anyway, why bother to exercise.
Look at your eating habits, has anything changed? If you always do, what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you always got.

3.      It’s a Holiday.
Take a break and start tomorrow, but don’t put it off again.

4.      All of my workout clothes are dirty.
Throw something on and go for a walk. Exercising does not have to be elaborate, just get moving.

5.      Exercising makes me hungry.
If you have a Planet Fitness Membership, they serve Pizza on the first Mondays of the month and bagels on the second Tuesdays. I know the food days. But seriously, the experts say have a piece of fruit before exercising and drink water before, during and after your workout. This may help curb extreme hunger.

6.      I’m not motivated.
I wasn’t motivated either until I found something to motivate me. One day I was standing somewhere with my arms folded across my chest when I looked down I realized they were resting on my muffin top. I decided that day to at least try to shrink my muffin top to a mini muffin.

7.      I’m too old.
You’re only as old as you feel. I have an uncle who is over 60 and enters weight lifting contests and wins. He’s my hero and will have represent the whole family because that’s not my goal. Set a goal for yourself and go at your pace.
Do yourself a favor and make time for fitness, you will look and feel better. It’s not always about weight loss, but feeling healthier.
What excuses have you heard for not exercising?


  1. The excuses you listed are spot on. Sigh. And the sad part is I really feel great when I exercise!!

    1. Yes Mary, it seems the hard part is getting started each time. Once I'm done I feel good, and glad I took the time to exercise (-:

      Thanks for stopping by.