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Monday, December 8, 2014

Muffins with Mom – The loud talker

A quiet section of a library

Do you know anyone who talks loud? No? Hi, my name is Angie and I talk loud. You now know a loud talker. When I talk on my cell phone, my kids say I’m yelling.
“Why do you talk so loud on the phone?” My younger teen asks.
“Sometimes I can barely hear what the other person is saying.”
“So you talk louder?”
On a recent visit to my local library, I stumbled upon a fellow loud talker by accident.  I was sitting in a semi-quiet section of the library, just a few shelves and a couple of pillars from the active children’s section. The round table that I sat at was just enough room for my laptop and the picture books I was using for research.
It wasn’t long before a middle aged man strolled past me talking on his cell phone. His conversation went something like this…
“Ok, I can hear you now, I was in a loud area of the library.”
I smiled to myself as I thought, so you left the loud area to come to a quiet area and talk loudly? The man planted himself in a cushioned arm chair about ten feet from where I sat. As he continued his conversation, I learned that he had a Facebook page when he said, “A lot of people clicked like on that picture I posted.”
The loud talker continued talking and I continued reading, well I took a break to send a text to my son.
I just found someone who talks louden that me, while in a quiet place. This is the second time this has happened to me at the library. Am I being punked?
My son responded back with, LOL.
I finished working on my project and left the library before the loud talker could share any more of his life with me.
Have you ever had an encounter with a loud talker?



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