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Monday, April 28, 2014

Muffins with Mom – Food Frenzy – what happens when kids don’t want to eat what parents cook?

Chicken Kabobs Recipe and photo credit

Do your kids love everything that you cook? What do they do with the food they would prefer NOT to eat? Grab a muffin, relax and listen to this story…
It was a warm and sunny day when I decided to uncover the grill. My boys were excited, grilled chicken kabobs and burgers were on the menu.

My fourteen-year-old said, “Oooh, yeah, I want to try the kabobs AND a couple of burgers.”
As the chicken kabobs came off the grill, my son pointed to the plate said, “What’s that on there with the chicken?”

“Do you mean the red bell peppers?” I asked.

“Oh, I didn’t know that was going to be on there. I’ll just eat the chicken and the pineapples.”
My son sampled the kabobs, but didn’t eat much. Not to worry. The chicken reappeared two days later in the form of Fajitas, rolled in soft flour tortilla wrap. I was proud of myself for reintroducing the chicken as a different dish. Even my fourteen-year-old said, “This is pretty good.”

I excitedly scooped a generous amount of chicken, peppers, and onions onto a flour tortilla and rolled it up for my seventeen-year-old son. He unwrapped a corner of the tortilla and said, “What is this?”
“Just try it,” I said.

 He took a couple of nibbles and said, “I can’t eat it, I tried.”
The next thing I knew, he was popping a bag of Kettle Corn in the microwave. He asked his brother to finish the Fajita for him. His brother refused saying he was full.

Not giving up easily, my seventeen-year-old said, “I ate all of your peas last time.”
“Yeah, but you charged me an outrageous price to eat them.”

So this is what happens to food in my house when kids don’t want to eat what is provided. I’m getting a dog!
What food related episodes have you experienced in your house?


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