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Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Fun – Etiquette for eating socially

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Has most of your dining lately taken place at the drive-thru or over the kitchen sink? If so, your social dinning skills may be a little rusty. When you chaueffer kids from activity to activity, it’s not often that you take time to hone your fine dining skills. And that’s the excuse for my recent eating disaster.

Although I’ve attended many functions where food is served, while at a recent workshop, I lost a fight with a chocolate chip, cream cheese muffin. It happened during the continental breakfast. It was an informal setting, no tables, just rows of chairs set up lecture style.

As I broke off sections of the muffin, a chocolate chip went flying in one direction and a cluster of brown chunks in another. I changed my strategy and attacked the muffin with my plastic fork; moist bites of muffin finally reaching my palate. A bite of muffin. A sip of Hazelnut coffee. A moan of delight slipped from my mouth.

The woman behind me took a bite of her muffin, “this good. Is this what you have?” she asked.  I nodded my head in agreement and mumbled, “mmm” trying not to talk with my mouth full. With a satisfied tummy, I dabbed at my mouth with a napkin.

It was almost time for the workshop to begin so I went to the restroom to freshen up. Upon inspection of my face I noticed a speck under my eye and another above my lip…leftover muffin. I’m not quite sure how crumbs made it behind my glasses, but it’s obvious that I haven’t mastered the use of a napkin.

The next time I attend a workshop, I will focus less on the food and more on the information presented (although I still learned a lot).

What is the etiquette for eating a muffin? Have you experienced any social eating blunders?

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