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Friday, June 23, 2017

Fun Friday – 3 Signs it’s time to change your routine

Photo Credit: The Daily Quotes

Sitting in bed nestled under a blanket, I fell asleep with a book on my chest. After a short time, I popped one eye open and glanced at the clock – 11:00pm was displayed in red letters. It was past my bedtime.

A routine provides comfort, stability, and eases stress. You may not even realize how easily you slip into a routine. There are subtle signs that you have established a routine. Those signs may even alert you that it’s time to change your routine.

1.      Favorite coffee shop visit – I’m a coffee drinker and I have a favorite spot I frequent to write and enjoy my cup of java. My son was talking to a friend one day and sometime during the conversation, the friend said, “I know your mom…small coffee, double cream, double sweetener.”  The cashier knew me by my favorite beverage.

2.      Writing checks – I like to read. When a new book was released by one of my favorite authors, I dashed off to the bookstore to purchase a copy. At the checkout register, I pulled out my checkbook to pay. The cashier said, “Oh, you’re writing a check? Not many people write checks any more, but your checks are pretty.” Was my method of payment archaic?

3.      On the job – If you do things the same way day in and day out, but expect different results…it’s time to change something.

I’ve learned that is ok to deviate your routine, break the norm…or begin a new routine. What is one thing that you do routinely?

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