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Monday, April 3, 2017

Muffins with Mom – High school graduation – 3 important reminders

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Parents of graduating high school seniors met in the school cafeteria. School officials and the Senior Coordinator provided us with final reminders about fees due, prom and the graduation ceremony.

Ah, graduation. There was a handout about the do’s and don’ts at the graduation ceremony. The students are not allowed to bring in beach balls, silly string, balloons and the list went on. I raised my hand and asked, “Are parents allowed to do back flips?”

I’ve paid for yearbooks, cap and gown fees, and athletic fees. I’ve been to parent/teacher conferences, the principal’s office and volunteer events. Just maybe I’d like to hit a beach ball, throw confetti and douse myself with silly string. But…I’m a rule follower. The silly string can wait until we arrive home.

As you prepare for your teen’s graduation, keep in mind three important things.

1.      Manage your stress level – plan ahead as much as possible. Check to make sure your teen doesn’t owe any money for lost books, her lunch account or other equipment.
2.      Keep your sense of humor – when you begin to feel overwhelmed, find something to smile or laugh about.
3.      Celebrate the moment – the final weeks of school go by quickly. Make time to celebrate with your child, family and friends.

What tips would you offer to a parent preparing for a high school graduation?

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