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Friday, April 7, 2017

Fun Friday – Teen drivers

Teens are excited to drive when they first receive their license. They want to meet up with friends and hang out until you text and say, “It’s time to come home.” And the minute you ask your teen to run an errand for you, his disposition changes.

A chorus of moans and groans begin…

“I’m tired. I had school all day AND I worked out.”

“You want me to do my homework don’t you?”

The other day I asked my son to take his brother to the airport. The next day he had to meet his dad at 10pm to complete an errand. My son said, “I’m turning in my car keys.”

I ignored his comedic comment and gave him yet another assignment the following day. “Meet your Uncle Norm to pick up Granny.”

His shoulders slumped and exhaled loudly as he said, “I feel like an Uber driver except without the pay.”

My son’s excitement to drive everywhere had waned. He still likes to be able to drive where he wants to go. However, he has learned to put into perspective based on his available resources (money, time, etc.).

What has been your experience with a teen driver?

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