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Friday, April 28, 2017

Fun Friday – The price of friendship

photo credit: I love my friends and family

How often do take the time to just sit and chat with a friend?

Mom and I decided to sit at a local fast food restaurant in her neighborhood and work on a couple of projects. As we chatted and worked, mom reminded me that there was a 30 minute time limit for paying customers. The policy was in effect to deter people from just loitering at the establishment.

In order to be in compliance (as a paying customer), we made a purchase.  When the cashier asked what we wanted I spoke first, “I’ll have an orange juice.”

“What size?”

Mom chimed in, “Give us two large orange juices.”

I guess I took too long to respond.

“That will be $5.91.”

I looked at my mom as I handed the money to the cashier. “$5.91?! Is that fresh squeezed, are they using a bag of oranges? I can get a half gallon of orange juice for less than that.”

Mom just smiled, “I didn’t think it would cost that much. I don’t normally buy orange juice.”

We took our seats, sipped our orange, and chatted about our current works in progress. We laughed, we reminisced and part of the time we did nothing at all. By the time we left the restaurant, it was two hours later that we initially walked through the door.

We had broken the rule of the 30 minute limit. I told mom to just consider the cost of the orange juice as our booth rent. $5.91…a small price to pay for time well spent.

When was the last time you spent quality time with a friend or loved one? Do it now.

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