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Friday, March 24, 2017

Feel Good Friday – Women’s History Month, 4 ways to celebrate

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Did you know that March is celebrated as Women’s History Month? This is a great time to explore your family’s history. What are some of the stories you have heard about the women in your family? Include your children as you celebrate Women’s History Month.

Below are four ways your child can celebrate:

1.      Have your child interview a woman in their life.
2.      Your child can write a letter to a woman they admire.
3.      Your child can a read a book about a woman who made contribution to our world   or perhaps who was  a local hero (shero).
4.      If you have young children, read books to them about women who made contributions to our society.

How about a round of Women’s History trivia? See if you can identify what the following notable women were/are famous for.

1.      Ella Fitzgerald
2.      Jackie Joyner-Keree
3.      Rosa Parks
4.      Mae C. Jemison
5.      Mya Angelo
6.      Emily Dickenson
7.      Oprah Winfrey

Before you peak at the answers below, here’s one more way you can celebrate Women’s History Month…read books by local authors. I have been fortunate to meet many great children’s book authors and participated in workshops, conferences and other gatherings with them.

It was recently announced that our very own Michigan author, Lisa Wheeler, has received the Golden Kite Award. Pick up a stack of her books at your local library or book store. Read to your child or enjoy them yourself. Have you met any local authors in your area?

Now for the answers to the Trivia questions. Check below to you did.

1.      One of the greatest jazz singers, lived 1918-1996
2.      First American woman to win Olympic Gold in the long jump (won in 1988 & 1992)
3.      Refused to give up her seat to a white person on a crowded bus during bus segregation time
4.      First African American woman to travel in space
5.      Poet
6.      Poet who wrote close 2000 poems

How will you celebrate Women’s History Month?

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