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Monday, December 12, 2016

Muffins with Mom – Snow Day – 3 tips for a fun snow day

It was the night before school and all through the yard,
Teens were jumping, bumping and playing quite hard.

Tossing the football and running through snow,
Laughing and playing with nowhere to go.

“School is cancelled,” one teen yells.
“No teachers, no homework, no ringing bells.”

Dash away one, dash away all,
The school will be empty, no one in the hall.

Teens were happy, they could stay up late
Mom said, “No, no you must wait.”

“Hold your enthusiasm, there’s much to be done,
There’s, sweeping and mopping and other chores my son.”

The teen’s spirits temporarily deflated,
Mom said, “Let’s play a game,” they were elated.

Snow day was fun for one and all,
No need to fret, just have a ball.

How do your kids enjoy a snow day? My teens were assigned a mission…shovel our snow and clear the neighbors sidewalk too. My seventeen year old layered up with two hats, gloves and a bulky coat. Then he grabbed a football.

“You don’t need a football to clear the snow,” I said.
“Yes, you’re right.”

He sat the football aside as he searched for a thicker pair of gloves. I moved on to another task. About fifteen minutes later I heard sounds in our front yard. It was not the sound of the snow blower, nor the sound of a shovel. I peeked through my room blinds to see my teens playing football. I did what I do best, captured the moment.

Once my teens discovered I was recording their antics, they put on a show.
“Ma, make sure you get this move.”

I captured a minute or so of their non-shoveling escapade. What I found out later was that the looser of my son’s football game had to shovel the snow by himself. The teens had created their own method for completing a chore that they did not want to do. They made it fun, for one of them.

After the snow was shoveled and everyone relaxed awhile, we decided it would be family night. We opened a new pack of Old Maid cards I’d picked up from the dollar bin at the store the other day. We laughed as the little old lady moved from person to person. And that’s how we spent our pre-snow day. I still had to work the next day.

Here are 3 tips for enjoying a snow day:

1.      Make it a family night – play a card game, board game, even a video game together
2.      Play in the snow
3.      Watch a Holiday movie

What tips do you have for enjoying a snow day?

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