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Friday, September 23, 2016

Feel Good Friday – Postcards from Jesus

As I shuffled through the day’s mail, I stopped when I came across the large postcard that read, “Don’t change a thing – Jesus.” I chuckled to myself and tossed the card on the table with the rest of the advertisement mailers.

A few days later I pulled the mailbox open and on top of the pile of envelopes was another postcard. This time the postcard read, “Come follow me. – Jesus.” I looked around to see if anyone else was around. There was no on in sight.

There’s a message here somewhere. I have not yet figured out whether the message is for me or someone else, but I held onto the postcards to share here. Maybe you or someone you know is experiencing a situation you have been struggling with.

Often when we pray about a situation, the answer comes in unexpected ways. If you have had a heavy heart about something, release it now into the atmosphere and believe it is taken care of and take the advice from the post card…follow Jesus
Have a blessed weekend.

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