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Monday, August 15, 2016

Muffins with Mom - The football scrimmage

Football mom after standing in the rain to watch the game

Commitment, dedication, devotion, these are the things my teen son focuses on during football season. The same is required for parenting through football season. This was evident on the day of our first scrimmage of the season.

As I backed my car out of the garage, rain pelted down on the rear of the car. The sound of the drops increased in volume as the entire car emerged from the shelter of the garage.  I adjusted my windshield wipers from slow to medium speed.

There were a scattering of parents sitting on the metal bleachers when I arrived at the football field. I walked up with my stadium chair strap on my shoulder, an umbrella in one hand and a blanket under my arm. This game was the Blue and White game, where the varsity players scrimmaged each other rather than another team.

I stood along the fence with all of my rain gear debating whether I wanted to remain standing or sit. I stood, rain bouncing from my umbrella and my eyes searching the field for my son. There were no numbers on the boy’s shirts, and I could not see my son’s signature dreadlocks dangling from his helmet.

The rain dripped from my umbrella onto the back of my pants, within minutes, I was soaked and still searching for my son. I kept my eyes on the defensive players, wondering why I was there if I couldn’t even tell which player was my son. Commitment, dedication, devotion.

Finally, I identified my son by his confident stride and blue Nike cleats. Mission accomplished. I saw my son maneuver a couple of plays, then shuffled my way back to my car. By this time, I felt like a toddler in a wet diaper. I just wanted to go home and change clothes.

Once in the car, I sat a few minutes to collect my thoughts because of course this situation deserved to be a blog post. The players began to leave the field, the game was called due to the rain.

My son walked over to the car and said, “I’m mad that they stopped the game. We barely played.” For him, the rain was no obstacle, he just wanted to play.

Into every season a little rain must fall. How do you handle the rain?

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