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Monday, August 8, 2016

Muffins with Mom – Chef Home Boy R Dee – When a teen takes over the kitchen

Texas toast dipped in a batter of egg, milk and cinnamon is a favorite in our house. Sprinkle with a pinch of powdered sugar, drizzle with warm syrup, and our mouths begin to water. It can be said that my boys and I are connoisseurs of breakfast foods.

My oldest son is such a fan of breakfast that he will eat breakfast foods for dinner. He was excited one Christmas when he unwrapped a Belgian waffle iron. Needless to say, excitement took over during his recent excursion in the kitchen.

While I was at work my son sent me a text, along with a photo of his meal creation. The caption read, “Chef Home Boy R Dee.” Followed by, “I think I need a cooking show, I’m too good in the kitchen not to be famous.”

I don’t know if my sons’ dish was pleasing to the palate, but the presentation was good. When I arrived at home, the only thing left was an empty bowl with drippings of egg yolk and a skillet with dried egg around the edges. I would have settled for a corner of toast to dip in the glob of syrup left on my son’s plate.

The kitchen was a mess, but Chef Home Boy R Dee was working on his brand. I learned long ago to let the boys be creative while they were interested and not sweat the small stuff. When a teen takes over the kitchen, be prepared for anything.

Has your child ever experimented in the kitchen?

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