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Friday, August 12, 2016

Fun Friday– A doctor’s visit gone wild

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It was a routine visit to the doctor’s office for my mom. She was to have her weight checked, cholesterol screened and blood pressure checked. For my mom, this was a big deal, the goal was to have her weight down and blood pressure numbers at a good range.

Mom goes to the gym consistently, sometimes she socializes a great deal while there, but she shows up. She is not afraid to poke fun at herself. On the morning of her doctor’s visit, she weighed herself while at the gym and found her weight to be a little higher than she wanted.

After the gym, she skipped her routine breakfast stop at her favorite Coney Island and returned home to take a nap. Before leaving for the doctor’s office, she shed her heavy jogging jacket and tossed the gym shoes aside for flip flops.

Once at her appointment mom texted me and said, “I arrived here at the office two pounds lighter than at the gym.” According to her account, mom burned a few calories while she slept (wishful thinking).

Before settling into the rest of her visit, mom stopped by the restroom. As she prepared to use the restroom she saw something tiny crawling on the floor. She, “summoned” for help, evacuated the restroom and was directed to another restroom…relief.

Back in the examination room, the nurse placed the cuff on moms arm and checked her blood pressure. “Your blood pressure is rather high,” the nurse said.

Mom did not say anything, but her eyes shot daggers as she thought-small wonder, that darn bug freaked me out and now I have a headache. Her doctor’s visit was far from being routine.

My mother vowed to use the bathroom at home before her next doctor’s appointment…or have an escape plan if she encountered another bug.

Have you ever had a crazy experience during a doctor’s office visit?


  1. This was a cute post.
    I'll never forget the screams of a teen on our missions trip to Honduras when she found a spider eight inches in diameter in the bathroom. Yeah. Help came from the whole building. It's funny....now.

    1. Wow. Yes, it's amazing how we can uncover the humor after the face. Thanks for sharing your story Mary.