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Monday, July 18, 2016

Muffins with Mom – Following directions

Destination...football camp.

Have you ever had to stress to your child the importance of following directions? On many occasions I have told my children - be sure you read the directions before taking any medications, read directions thoroughly before beginning a test or task, etc. It is only fitting that I follow my own advice.

My teen son and I were drained after leaving an all-day football camp. He was tired from running drills and I was tired from watching him run drills. Anxious to get home I pulled out of the parking lot of the college and headed in the direction I thought was home.

“Did you set the GPS on the phone?” I asked my son.

“Yes, just keep driving straight. I’ve got this under control.”

After driving a couple of blocks, a voice blared from my phone and told me when to turn and how many miles I had yet to go before the next turn. After 25 minutes of navigating winding roads, the GPS voice came on and told me…“In 50 yards you have reached your destination, Dundee Coney Island.”

I thought I was going home, but my son programmed the GPS to lead us to food. I followed directions, but they did not lead where I thought they would. I should have asked more questions.

Have you ever been in a situation where following directions did not give you the results you expected?

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