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Monday, May 2, 2016

Muffins with Mom – 3 signs your dog feels a part of the family

 “No, Diamond, off the couch.” This is only one phrase often repeated to our rambunctious puppy. She runs from the kitchen to the living room, circles around a table, then back to the kitchen where she kids across the lanolin floor. She seems to do her own thing no matter what’s going on around her.

My son, Diamond’s real owner, is home from college and she is really excited to see him. She pulls on his pant leg and bites at his ankles. On more than one occasion I’ve noticed signs that Diamond really feels a part of the family. Below are three signs to look out for...

·         While you’re sitting down to eat, your dog sashays over to you, stands on her hind legs and puts a paw on your arm. She wants to eat what you are eating.

·         Your dog jumps on the couch and stretches out nest to you and watches T.V.

·         Your dog snores so loudly that I distracts you from what you are doing.

I don’t think Diamond realizes yet that she is a dog and she should run and play while she’s outside. She has a long leash and freedom to romp and play in the backyard. The other day I watched from a window as she played for a short while then just laid in the warm grass quietly soaking up the 

Feeling sorry for Diamond, I went outside and freed her from her leash and let her come inside the hour for a while. As soon as I unhooked the leash, she galloped up the steps to the sliding door and bolted inside. She ran into the kitchen, then the living room and jumped from one couch to the other.

“No, Diamond, off the couch.” She was back at it again.

Have you had any interesting experiences with your pet lately?

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