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Friday, May 20, 2016

Fun Friday – The weed man – 3 lessons in marketing

“Ma, the weed man stopped by today,” my son yelled.


“The weed man. He left a note on the front door.”

When I entered the room where my son was perched on the couch, I understood with clarity what he was talking about. In his hand was an advertisement with the tag line, “weed man, we care for your lawn.”

The “weed man” was a local lawn care service specializing in weed control fertilization and pest management. It was not a man selling marijuana for medicinal nor pleasurable purposes. The weed man had my attention. I was impressed by his marketing.

How often have you bought a product or service because you liked the way it was presented? Here’s what I learned from the weed man’s marketing…

·         The name of his business was unique, attention grabbing, and memorable. His advertisement was a door hanger that served as his calling card, it was colorful and eye catching as well.

·         He has a product for which there is a demand.

·         A personal touch is always appreciated. The weed man did not make a cold contact by calling on the phone to offer his service. He came to my front door to introduce himself. Even though I peaked thorough my blinds, not wanting to open my door, I still applaud the effort he put forth.

My teen son recently had an interview to work with a lawn care service. It wasn’t with the weed man, but I reminded him about good customer service and marketing his product.

What do you view as good marketing?

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