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Friday, April 22, 2016

Fun Friday – Cinderella – a fractured fairytale

Once upon a time there lived a mom who was always on the go. She went to football camps, track meets, and Rugby games to support her precious children. Sometimes she even had to sweep floors, wash dishes and take care of laundry.

By the end of the week this mom felt like Cinderella. Not the Cinderella who went to the Ball, but the one who wore a house dress and scrubbed the floors. There were no evil step sisters in her home, but there were two teens who told her, “You should do something fun for yourself.”

The teens sent their mother off for a day of fun. She decided to treat herself to make-up day, something she had never done. She sat in a tall cushioned chair at the beauty counter in a department store and waited for the magic to begin.

The transformation began with several strokes of an eye shadow brush, continued with sweeps across the eyebrows, a smoothing of the face and ended with dabs on the lips. The mom looked in the mirror and saw Cinderella, ready for the Ball. She enjoyed the moment, she knew by the end of the day, the magic would be gone.

The mom had a brilliant idea, she could sleep in her makeup to make the magic last a little longer. Would anyone know? She would know. So, she did the next best thing, took photos to create a memory.

The next day, the mom attempted to recreate the magic, she soon discovered she needed a beauty consultant.  She knew it was going to be challenge when she struggled to open the eye shadow compact.

As she stroked the powder across her eyelids, the cushion of the brush began to crumble above her lashes. Perhaps she should not have used a brush that was more than 15 years old, that she found stored in a container in her basement, from when she used to sell make up products.

The mom was determined to finish the task at hand. She lined her eyebrows the way the fairy godmother beauty consultant did at the store. Draw a line, fill it in…repeat on the other eye. Mission accomplished. So she thought.

When the mom looked at the implement in her hand, she realized that she had used the lip liner instead of the eyebrow pencil…on her eyebrows. Would anyone notice? Yep. When she engaged in a conversation with anyone they would probably talk at her eyebrows. The mom washed her face and decided to wait until another day when she had more time, to experiment with the magic makeup.

For that one day, the mom went out and had fun like her teens advised her to do. She did something different, laughed with friends and simply made time for herself.

The End

What have you done lately to rejuvenate? What is your Cinderella story?


  1. What a beautiful post and such lovely pics. Haven't had a Cinderella moment, but I know I should. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks Linda. Cinderella has left the building, but it was fun. Yes, you have to do it...any pampering is good.