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Monday, March 28, 2016

Muffins with Mom – Spring cleaning- 3 ways to clean your parenting life

spring cleaning - organizing leftover graduation invitations

When do you begin spring cleaning? Some people like to begin when the weather is warm and windows can be opened to let in fresh air. I was forced to clean when my son came home for spring break. He rearranged furniture in our study room, the area reserved for all of my writing materials, books and other catch-all things.

My son decided he wanted to move the futon from the study room into his room. When he made this transition, he exposed everything that was hiding underneath the futon. There was a storage bin that held thread, scissors, scrap material and other sewing items. Next to that was a stack of file folders that needed to be purged. Lying dormant near that was  a stack of leftover invites and thank you post cards from my son’s graduation open house.

1.  Take a self-inventory – ask yourself questions about how you perceive yourself as a parent.
-what makes me a unique and wonderful parent?
-what is my favorite part about being a parent?

2.  Clean your parenting attic – dust off your own attic…your mind. Find time to spend relaxing – use meditation, read a book, listen to quiet music or whatever helps you relax and become refreshed.

3.  De-clutter your calendar – make time to spend with your child.

For the complete list of ways to clean your parenting life click here.

Have you started spring cleaning yet, what does it involve in your household?

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