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Monday, January 25, 2016

Muffins with Mom – 3 ways to soothe tired feet

Soothing foot relief - from a son to his mother
Just before Christmas my oldest son asked me one day what I wanted as a gift. He had a seasonal job, but I didn’t want him to spend all his money on gifts. After all, I needed him to pay that college tuition. So I told him, “You don’t have to buy me anything, just massage my feet.” 

As I was lying in bed on a cold wintry day, I yelled for my son to massage my feet. My plan was to fall right to sleep after my treat. My room was illuminated by the lamp on the nightstand. When my son entered, he pulled one of my feet from under the cover and began deep tissue circular motions. I was totally relaxed, then he began talking. 

“Ma, your feet are dry, you need to put some Vaseline on them, then some socks. What happened to your feet? It feels like you’ve been walking across cement barefoot and came across a few pebbles.” 

My son finished the massage and quickly left my room. I thought that was the end of the story. It was not. A couple of weeks later my son’s concern for my feet resurfaced. He texted me with a picture of some kind of Healthy Feet relief cream. The caption from him read, “A couple of tubes of this, a miracle and your feet might get back to normal.”

He even came up with a campaign slogan, “Have your feet been through a war…fear no more. Healthy Feet is here to save the day.” I guess this is how my tuition dollars are being used. My son is practicing for the world of business. 

What do you do when your feet are tired and you don’t have a child at home to massage them for you? Below are 3 things you can do for tired feet. 

1.      Soak your feet – a warm bubbly (optional) foot bath can do wonders for tired feet.

2.      Elevate your feet – prop your feet up on something and just let the blood flow in a different direction.

3.      Massage your feet – you can do this yourself or treat yourself to a foot massage spa day. 

What do you do for tired feet? Has your child ever given you a snappy comment about something you asked him to do?

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