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Friday, January 29, 2016

Fun Friday - 7 (fun) things you must know about becoming old

You can't fight the aging process, but you can laugh your way through it.

Have you ever realized that the aging process happens over time? One day you’re driving your child to kindergarten, the next you’re driving him to college. As your child is aging, so are you. No need to fret, you can grow old(er) with grace.

The first step in growing old with grace is learning to look at the lighter side of life. Here are 7 things you must know about getting old.

    1.    It takes twice as long to look half as good.
    2.    You finally get your head together, then your body starts falling apart. 
    3.   You and your teeth don’t sleep together.
    4.    You look forward to a dull evening. 
        5.  Your idea of weight lifting is standing up. 
    6.    You come to the conclusion that your worst enemy is gravity.
    7.    Everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt, doesn’t work.

You can view the complete list of fun facts on becoming old by clicking here.
Can you relate to any of the above statements? Over half of them are relatable to me. Today my story relates to number two, “…your body starts falling apart.”

I shared with a colleague that my hair seems to be getting thin. She told me about a supplement that she takes that is supposed to be helpful for skin, nails and hair. After talking to another friend, she too was familiar with the supplement and had started taking it.

After a little more research, I decided to try the supplement for myself. I was excited about trying something that would make my nails stronger and help my damaged hair. The other day, when I visited my colleague, I cheerfully pulled the supplement from my purse and said, “I got my supplements, I’m on my way to a new me.”

My colleague casually said, “I meant to tell you that the supplements cause my hair to grow everywhere. I had to shave my arms.”

I screamed at her, “What?”

She didn’t say she had to shave her armpits, she said her arms. I told her, “You mean I might have extra hair everywhere? I just got my mustache under control and my chin hairs.”

It just goes to show that one should always ask about side effects and details surrounding anything you put in or on your body. I may turn into a gorilla by the end of winter, but my hair will be healthy.
My fingernails will be stronger, but so will my toenails. I don’t know how my skin will be affected, but maybe it won’t matter because it will be covered with hair.

What fun facts have you learned about growing old?

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