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Friday, October 16, 2015

Fun Friday – A friend in need

Have you ever heard the adage, a friend in need is a friend in deed? Well, the other day, I was called to the aid of a friend (almost). It was a warm breezy day…

My friend and I were wearing dresses as we walked to the car after a shopping trip. Suddenly, a gust of wind engulfed us. I grabbed the edges of my dress to keep it down, my friend reached for her head.
She said, “Whew, I thought my wig was going to blow off.”

I told my friend, “No need to worry, I would have helped you retrieve it. Even if it was blowing down the street like a tumbleweed. However, you may have had to wait until I picked myself up off the ground from laughing.”

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

On a different wind day several states away, my college son had a friend in need experience. During a visit to the school library, my son sat with headphones on as he worked. When he was ready to leave, he shoved his books into his backpack and made his way to the stairwell.

As my son entered the third floor stairwell, an alarm sounded, he looked around, but kept walking. As he approached the second floor, the alarm rang more, sounding like an evacuation siren. Suddenly, a student ran from a library door, pointing at my son and shouting, “Stop him he’s stealing.”

Not knowing what to do, my son kept going until he reached the first floor. I asked my son, “Why was the guy yelling at you? Were you taking books?”

My son said, “I had four library books that I was reading and stuffed in my bag with everything else and forgot to check them out.”

“Were the books a rare collection of Shakespeare, Huck Finn, or some other classic?” I asked.
“No Ma, the books didn’t even have a cover, it was just something I wanted to read. I was rushing to get to class and forgot to check them out.”

Between the screaming student and the screaming alarm, my son figured out he was the cause of all the commotion. He could have used the aid of a friend at the moment. 

As the situation deescalated, my son slinked over to the circulation desk to check out, the battered and torn library books that he wanted to read. 

My son and my friend both survived their windy day experiences with hair and ego intact.
Have you ever experienced a friend in need situation? Perhaps you were the friend who needed rescuing.

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