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Friday, September 18, 2015

Fun Friday – If you take your mom to the movies

If you take your mom to the movies, she'll want to go shopping afterwards.
Have you ever gone to the movies with your family, but it really wasn’t a movie that you wanted to see? What’s a mom to do? You go anyway because next time you’ll get to choose the movie.
One of my favorite children’s author’s is Laura Numeroff. You may be familiar with some of her books – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, (he’ll want a glass of milk) If you Give a Cat a Cupcake (she’ll want sprinkles…), etc. I’ll share my story using Laura’s format.
As we prepared to leave home and head to the movie theater, I stuffed a few items into my purse (a spiral notebook and my favorite writing pen). My writing materials are like American Express – I don’t leave home without them.
Just as I slipped on my shoes, my son yelled from another room, “Ma, let’s go, we’re gonna be late.” That was the last call for everyone to scurry to the car. Time to take mom to the movie.
If you take your mom to the movies, she’ll want to take her writing materials. When you get to the movies she’ll want some buttered popcorn, but you’ll have to carry it because her purse is heavy with her writing materials.
As the theater gets dark, mom will use her cell phone for light to write a few words because something inspired her. Writing makes her hungry, so she’ll put the phone away and eat the buttered popcorn.
The popcorn will make her thirsty, so you’ll have to buy her a drink. When she grabs the drink, it almost slips out of her hands are greasy from the popcorn. Then she realizes that you forgot to bring napkins.
She’ll have to go to the restroom to wash her hands. While at the restroom, she’ll stop and engage in a conversation with a total stranger, never giving a second thought that the movie has started.
On the way back to the theater, she’ll remember that she meant to stop by the concession stand for napkins. Once she settles into her seat to watch the movie, she falls asleep. When your mom wakes up, she’ll be ready to go home and write about her experience at the movies.
Once your mom is home safe and sound, she’ll want to go to the movies again…to see a movie of her choice.
What was your last visit to the movie theater like?

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