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Friday, September 11, 2015

Fun Friday – All in a day’s work

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Today marks the anniversary of a tragic day in US history 9/11 when so many people lost their lives-planes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I remember exactly what I was doing on that day fourteen years ago.

It was around 8:00am on September 11, 2001, I had just put my son on the school bus on his way to kindergarten. When I turned on the car radio, the announcer was reporting that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center.

By the time I arrived at work, staff were gathered around a TV watching the news unfold. A third plane had crashed into the Pentagon. To all those families who lost loved ones on that tragic day, prayers go out to you.

As you go through your work day today go into it with an attitude of gratitude. Find something to laugh about rather than grumble. Jumpstart you day with the story below.
School’s in! Gone are the lazy days of summer. The kids are back to school and getting settled into a new routine. My college teen is working to settle into a routine with his new job.

My son was excited when he received the call from the employer saying that they wanted to hire him. Last school year, several of the places my son wanted to work said he had to be eighteen years old or said they would call him. He never got a call.

After a few days on the job, I asked my son about his experience. He works at a fast food restaurant. The first day, he worked a double shift. He said, “Ma, I had to clean toilets.”

“Did you wear gloves?” I asked.

“Yeah, I had on five pair.”

On day two, my son said, “I had to wash dishes for THREE hours. I wanted to cry.”
After I burst out laughing, I regained my composure. Of course I had to give him a moral to his story. “Do you seen now, why we had you load/unload the dishwasher, vacuum? All of those things had a purpose.”

All he said was, “Yeah.”

There was still a lot to be learned for my son on his new job. The second half of his double shift, he had to close. My son said he had to learn about food preparation, menu items, which meat item go with which specialty burgers and so forth. Most of all, he needed to learn how put things away properly at closing.

After about 15 minutes into his training, the worker training him said, “I don’t know why they have me doing this. They could have told me ahead of time.” 

The worker grumbled a few more times and my son said he was thinking about saying, “its ok you don’t have to help, I’ll just read the manual.”
Another moral for my son…sometimes saying nothing is better.

Do you remember your first job experience?

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