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Friday, June 26, 2015

Fun Friday – Open letter to my children

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This letter is dedicated to my teenage children for all the things they have done to make life…interesting. Bless you my children.

Make room for Mama
Remember the times you said, “I can’t wait to grow up?” Well, I’m not rushing you to grow up, but I look forward to many of your “first” experiences leading into adulthood.

Can’t wait for you to get your first car. I’ll be the first to ride in the passenger seat when you take it for a spin. We can stop by the corner store so that I can pick up a few snacks. When I’m done eating, I’ll leave candy wrappers on the set and let my beverage can roll under the seat.

After that we can stop by the pizza place, grab dinner and a lot of napkins that I’ll leave all over your car. After stuffing ourselves, surely we will want to work out. I know how you like to stay in shape for sports.

We’ll go to the fitness center, work up a sweat and then shower there before heading home. You can stuff your damp, soiled, gym clothes in my bag, I’m willing to share. No need to take the bag into the house. Leave it in your car, I’ll get it after a few days, by then it should smell like a gym full of teenagers after gym class.

I’m not rushing your teen years because I love attending your sporting events and being a part of your high school years. However, I will be as excited as a tick on a dog with bushy fur, when you get your first home. It would bring me joy to prepare your favorite meal. If you don’t plan to be at home, just leave a key and I will let myself in.

Preparing dinner is sure to make me thirsty. I know how you like to keep a 2 liter pop on hand. I’ll just help myself to a glass, then leave the dirty glass at some random location in your house. If there is just a drop of pop left in the bottle, I won’t finish it off. Instead, I’ll return the almost empty bottle to the fridge.

Once you arrive home, we’ll have a casual dinner, eating from paper plates while sitting on the couch in front of the T.V. After our meal, fit for a king, I’ll be too stuffed to move. So, I’ll just leave my paper plate on the floor near the couch or maybe even shove it under the couch for you to discover later.

Each time I visit your home will be a reminder of the love we share and your desire to be grown up.

Love you boy’s young men. Be sure to make room in your life for Mama. Bless you my children.

What would a letter to your child contain?

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