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Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun Friday – A snow tale

Ye though my boots crunch through a driveway of snow, I will fear no ice for my shovel is with me.
Our area was recently hit with a snow storm that began at midnight one night and continued through seven am the next morning. The snow stopped for a while, then began again. The end result was fourteen inches in some areas.
My son and I managed to clear the snow from our driveway and sidewalk, only to repeat the same scenario the next day. After two snow days, school was back in session. This was only the beginning of the excitement at my house.
My son injured is finger at school and had to go to urgent care. At the doctor’s office he received stitches across the middle of his finger and x-rays indicated his finger was broken near the tip. The day before that my husband had shoulder surgery…again.
More snow was predicted.  There was an urgency to clear the remaining snow and ice from the driveway. When I picked my son up from school the next evening, he ate dinner then pulled out the snow blower. I put on my cozy flannel pajama pants with a long sleeved t-shirt and curled up to watch Family Feud on TV.
It was then that my husband asked, “Are you going to go out and help with the snow?”
“I wasn’t planning to, I helped last time,” I said with a light hearted tone.
My husband struggled to roll out of bed and go to the window to check on my son’s progress. That was my sign to get dressed and go out to help. After all, my husband just had surgery, my son had a broken finger and all I experienced that week was a mammogram. Thus, I was the most likely candidate to help with the snow.
Once outside, I chopped away at bits of ice as my son clear them away with the snow blower. My husband gave commands from the door way, “push the shove along the sidewalk to clear that last bit of snow.” He was good at giving directions.
Just when I thought the sidewalk and drive looked good my husband said, “You can clear a little more snow at the edge of the driveway near the street.”
My response was, “I can drive over that small pile of snow. Are you the chairman of the Neighborhood Beautification Committee…that we don’t have?”
It was time to pack away the snow blower and return the shovel to its resting spot in the garage. I had missed the Smith Family play for fast money on Family Feud, but there would be other days.
Have you had an interesting experience with snow lately?

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  1. At least you helped, even if you just had to provide moral support. Everywhere around is is white now.