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Monday, January 5, 2015

Muffins with Mom – Superboy and kryptonite – what happens when a teen faces chores?

My "super" teen as Batman

My teen son who is a “super” athlete, loses his super power when it comes to completing chores. We are not from the planet Krypton, but I’m pretty sure there is kryptonite somewhere in my house. Just like the super hero Superman, my son has a weakness and it must be a combination of kryptonite and chores.
My sons’ chore list was short, or so I thought. I simply asked him to clean the bathroom and sort his dirty laundry. Twenty minutes after my request, my son had not budged from his resting spot. I finally had to guide him to the linen closet for a cloth and cleaning supplies.
The first exposure to kryptonite must have been in the linen closet. As soon as my son picked up the Scrubbing Bubbles he dropped the can, picked it up, and then carried it loosely to the bathroom.
As he cleaned the bathroom sink, my son moaned and groaned, “I’m tired, this is too much to do.” Poor thing, he could barely grip the cleaning cloth and he still needed to take care of his laundry. After 30 minutes of anguish, whines and taking a break, the bathroom was clean.
My son came to me and said, “I want to go to a lock-in at Skatin’ Station. The Skatin’ Station is a local roller rink that sponsors a New Year’s Eve lock-in for youth. The youth stay up all night and roller skate, roller blade and eat snacks.
While I don’t mind supporting the lock-in event, I looked at my son with the evil eye of supervillain Lex Luthor. “You need to skate into your room and sort your clothes, then we can talk.”
So, what happens when a teen faces chores? It depends upon his choices. He can either fight the battle head on like a superhero or let a weakness slow him down.
Has your child experienced a struggle when it comes to completing chores?

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