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Friday, December 12, 2014

Fun Friday – Family funnies

How old is too old to wear a retainer?

What is the funniest thing a family member has shared with you recently? In my household there is rarely a dull moment.
Recently I made the decision to get a retainer to correct one of my teeth. The first day I wore the retainer I don’t think my son noticed my speech was different. It was day two when he starred at my mouth as I was talking, that he noticed something was different.
“What is that in your mouth?” He asked frowning.
“Do you mean my retainer?” I played dumb.
“Why do you have that at your age, won’t you be losing teeth soon?”
I guess I must not have read the age guidelines for wearing a retainer.


Yesterday it was my mother’s turn to share a story. My mother has her doctorate’s degree and many of her friends introduce her to others as Dr. Adams. Many years ago, she was part of a walking club at the mall.
One day while walking with a woman, mom and the woman stopped to chat with a male club member. The woman introduced my mom by her first name, then ended by saying, “she’s a doctor.”
The man began telling my mother, “You know, I’ve been having trouble with my prostrate. It’s been bothering me about six months.”
Mom never interrupted the man to tell him she wasn’t a medical doctor. She just listened. Knowing my mother, she probably asked the man if he wanted her to pray with him.


I talked to my college son, a few days before he was scheduled to come home for Christmas break. I asked him what he missed or what he wanted to eat when he arrived. My son said, “A home cooked meal would be good.”
I told him, “Stop playing, you know I don’t cook like that.”
After we finished laughing, I told my son I would make his favorite meal…Belgian waffles and eggs. 

What is the funniest story you have heard lately from a family member?

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