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Friday, September 26, 2014

Feel Good Friday – Letter from a teacher –inspiring words for a parent

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Have you ever felt like parenting is hard work and you wonder when you will see the rewards? It could happen by a child saying I love you when you least expect it or completing chores without being asked. For my co-worker that feeling of euphoria happened for her daughter through a letter from her son’s teacher.
This is how it happened (reprinted with permission)…
Dear Claire,
I am Joseph’s science teacher. I wanted to share with you something that happened in science class today.
As you may know, we made paper airplanes so that the kids could practice measuring mass and distance. We made a huge “landing strip” out in the hall where the kids could fly their planes. I told the children that if a plane were to come close to them, they should duck, if possible.
Today during Joseph’s maiden voyage, his plane sailed toward a special needs student and instead of ducking, he caught it. Although the plane would have gone a bit farther, Joseph did not complain, but tried for a second time. His second go round, his plane didn’t go quite as far as the first, but still Joseph didn’t say anything negative.
Joseph looked over at the special needs student and saw that he was crying because he caught Joseph’s plane mid-flight and affected its flight. Joseph said to him, “It’s ok. My plane wouldn’t have gone much further anyway.” His comment made the other student feel so much better.
I wanted you to know what a great boy you have raised; one that has such kindness, compassion, and decency and at a young age.
Have a wonderful evening…

Claire used to babysit for my boys, now she is raising a son of her own and experiencing those special parenting moments.
When have you experienced that euphoric parenting moment?



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