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Monday, August 11, 2014

Muffins with Mom – A day of thanksgiving

High school reunion picnic
Make today a day of thanksgiving. I know it’s not November and there’s probably not a turkey baking in your oven. However, any day is a good day to give thanks. What are you thankful for at this moment?

No matter how small or large, shout out your thanks. Maybe you just experienced a breakthrough in some area of your life-you received a promotion on your job, your health is the best it’s ever been, your children are on the right path. I am thankful for all of these things and more.

I am thankful for new beginnings, old friendships and learning to accept things I cannot change. As the summer season begins to change, so does the next chapter of my life. Most recently I have celebrated a class reunion, a new job, and sending my first born off to college. And let’s not forget my baby boy completing the first phase of driver’s training.
Organizing a new office space

During the weeks prior up to my son leaving for college, I asked him how he felt about traveling 600 miles away to school. He said he was excited and nervous. I share those same emotions as he does. There is something exciting about starting a new adventure, yet apprehension about the unexpected.

I am thankful that my son has experienced the various challenges and triumphs that have come his way. Although his journey is just beginning, being away from home will add to his growth in many ways.
Freshman college orientation
As for my new adventure, God has elevated me to a new position in an old job. This is an opportunity to gather my team and create positive things for our community.

Last, but not least, I give thanks for 30 healthy years as I celebrated my 30th high school reunion with my best friend. The reunion was a celebration of fond memories with old friends.

Every day is a day of thanksgiving. What will you give thanks for today?


  1. what a wonderful post!
    i am a little behind you with my oldest about to start driving - so congrats for making it through AND for your oldest heading to college! bittersweetness!
    and here's to reunions - may they keep us young after all the years go by!

    ps - wanted to thank you for stopping by my broken branch falls blog tour!

    1. Thanks Tara! I enjoyed your blog tour.