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Monday, June 9, 2014

Muffins with Mom – What would happen if kids came with a warning label?

When a teen makes tea... anything can happen
We see labels on items all the time. Have you ever purchased a toy for your child and somewhere on the box were the words, some assembly required? A recent episode at our house caused me to want to apply a label to my son.
My son called me and asked if he could have a couple of friends over. I didn’t mind since I knew the boys and I would arrive home shortly after they did. When I arrived home the front door was wide open and so was the patio door.

There was a smoky smell floating through the house.

“Is somebody grilling?” I called out.
“No, Ma,” came a voice from upstairs.

As I made my way through the living room and into the kitchen, I discover what I thought food being grilled. It was a black tea kettle that used to be grey. Somebody had burned my tea kettle.

I went to my sons’ room where he and his friends were playing video games.

“Are you all trying to burn down the house?” I asked the boys.

Both boys said, “That wasn’t us,” and pointed to my son.
“All of you need adult supervision,” I told the three high school seniors.

And that was the label I needed for my son that day…Adult supervision required.
In case you’re wondering, my son had an excuse for not hearing the tea kettle screaming. He was playing a video came and had on a headset that was equipped with noise cancellation.

If my kids came with warning labels some of them may include the following:

·         WARNING: eyes may roll when asked to do chores

·         Don’t ask too many questions at once, child may whine in frustration

·         Child may move slowly when he doesn’t want to do something parent has asked him to do

If kids came with a warning label, it could help prepare parents for crazy odd out of the ordinary behavior.

What type of warning label would apply to your child?

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