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Monday, June 16, 2014

Muffins with Mom – A Casting call for parents –Life’s little journeys

Graduation Open House - A mom and her son
Life is like a stage and today a casting call has been announced seeking parents. Not just any parents, but parents who have experienced challenges, successes, defiant children, cuddly children, children making friends, children fighting with friends, school blues and children who are bored. If you can relate to any of these categories, line up today for a parenting role on the stage of life.
Renowned poet Maya Angelou wrote a collection of essays titled, Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now. As I sat reflecting after my son’s graduation open house, that title came to mind. This was Act I, Scene I on a journey called life and with its bumps and detours, I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.

As I smoothed the last tablecloth, tied the final balloon and glanced at the banner on the wall of my son holding a basketball, I knew it was curtain call. Friends and family began to trickle in and soon chatter and laughter consumed the room.

As director of this production called an open house, I was beckoned in many directions. Stage left – “We need more cups on the table.”
Stage right – “Let’s take a picture.”

I circled the room greeting guests, joining conversations midstream and reminding my son to do the same. Everybody was encouraged to take photos at the photo booth. Some people took photos with goofy glasses, Hawaiian lei’s or making silly faces.
We had a video prepared with a collection of photos from my sons childhood. It was what I called a low budget film because some of the photos were sideways (I rotated the photos, but obviously something went wrong).  So I wasn’t too upset when we couldn’t get the video to project on the screen properly.

While the graduation open house was a challenge to pull together, it was also a success. At the event, there were no children fighting with friends, no school blues and no cries of “I’m bored.”
Act I, Scene 2 – The final Act of the phase called High School. However, this is only an intermission until the next phase of life begins. I wouldn’t trade nothing for my journey now.

Calling all parents, calling all parents, are you ready for your casting call?


  1. LIfe certainly is like a stage play. Lots of different acts and scenes.

  2. Yes Sherry, I know you can relate to different acts and scenes (-:

  3. That's the thing about life -- that's the way it really works, ya know? With acts and scenes and chances to learn lessons and get it right. And that's how parenthood works as well.