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Monday, May 5, 2014

Muffins with Mom -5 signs that you live with a teenager

How does a teen ask his date to the prom...? Very creatively
In case you are not sure whether you are living with a typical teenager, there are sure signs to look for. Before I get to those signs, let me tell you my hypothesis about teens…
Teenagers have similar, identifiable patterns (this is not a real hypothesis, but go with me for a minute). One of those patterns is a teens lack of planning ahead.

One afternoon while I was at work my son texted me with the message, “when can I get a suit, I’m going to prom now.” Prom was nine days away. I asked my son a couple weeks prior to this whether he was going to the prom. His response was, “No, I don’t think I’m gonna go.”
If I was a cartoon character, my head would have popped or I would have had smoke shooting from my ears in frustration. Instead, I started calling had my son call tuxedo stores. We were in luck and found a reasonable tux at the first store we visited.

Six day left until prom and I’m trying to get my son to find out how he’s getting to the prom. The latest thing I hear was that several people were going together. Without sounding overbearing, I tried to slip in a few questions. Who’s house will you meet at? Is someone renting a limo? What time does prom actually start? I needed to talk to someone’s parent.
Back to my hypothesis, here’s support for the hypothesis teens fit certain patterns or 5 signs that you live with a teenager.

1.      Teen often, do not plan ahead

2.      Some teens text constantly, sometimes even when they’re in the same room with the person they’re texting

3.      They like to walk around with earbuds or head phones on; they may not even be listening to anything, but just don’t want you to talk to them at the moment

4.      They sign and appear agitated with any question that you ask them

Mom: Did you turn in the form to your teacher that I asked you to?
            Son: yeeesss mom

5.      You wouldn’t trade them for anyone else’s teen

Have you experienced the craziness and love of a teen?


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