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Friday, May 2, 2014

Fun Friday – Dancing like the stars – 5 Health benefits of dancing

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Are you looking to get in shape, but tired of the same old exercises? Try dancing. Did you know that dancing has physical and mental benefits? You may not be a contestant on the popular show, Dancing with the Stars, but you can attempt to dance like the stars.
Before I tell you the benefits of dancing, let me tell you about my recent episode.

It was a quiet evening at home, no errands to run, no after school activities for the boy…just relaxing. As I was listening to the radio in my bedroom, a song came on that I was trying to get my son to remember. I ran from the room and yell down the stairs to my son (the fourteen-year-old).
When my son got to my room he said, “oh yeah, I know this song.” He began to sing the words and grabbed my wrists, pulling me backward and forward. Donned in cotton pajamas and a bath robe, I twirled one direction then another.

My choice of casual wear was not nearly as attractive at the stars on T.V. However, it proved to be beneficial with my last twirl. With a gleam in his eye, my son had me twisting backward and forward like a spinning top. Until finally, I landed on the floor in some kind of awkward split. I didn’t sustain any injuries or carpet burns, but it was truly a Kodak moment.
Dancing like the stars with my son did not bring me fame nor fortune, but it brought plenty of laughter. There had to be some kind of health benefit in that. An article from Better Health listed several health benefits to dancing. Here’s a short list:

·         Improved condition of your heart and lungs

·         Better coordination, agility and flexibility

·         Increased aerobic fitness

·         Improved mental functioning

·         Weight management

Even if you don’t think you are coordinated, dance anyway. You may end up in an awkward looking position, but that’s half the fun.

Now it’s time for a few fun photos related to dancing.

Wishing you happy dancing into your weekend.

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