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Friday, April 25, 2014

Fun Friday – National Humor Month – 7 ways to incorporate laughter into your day

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April is National Humor Month. Although we’re near the end of the month, it’s no too late to get in a few laughs. Did you know that there is a director of National Humor Month? Yep. Steve Wilson is the Director of National Humor Month, he says we should up our laughter quotient for our health and happiness.

According to Steve Wilson’s statistics, the average American laughs 15 times daily. If you haven’t laughed yet today, you’d better get busy. You don’t have to keep the fun all to yourself, include the whole family. Below are 7 suggestions on how to incorporate laughter into your day (Adapted from Steve Wilson’s 48 Classroom Action Projects About Humor & Laughter).

1.      Read aloud something humorous every day.

2.      Have a best joke contest among your family members or friends.

3.      Have your child create a book of funny family folklore. Kid s can ask siblings, parents and grandparents to share a favorite funny story; share something funny that happened to them.

4.      Play tickle tag – elementary age children may enjoy this game. Instead of tagging a person, you tickle them.

5.      Write different types of laughs on note cards, pass them out and have each person demonstrate the laugh; Example – snicker, giggle, snort, chuckle, cackle.

6.      Host a Laugh-In – invite friends over and have a party with the theme of Laughter. You could play silly games, make crazy faces, laugh at each other and have prizes.

7.      Watch something funny on TV.
Find your funny bone today and let it rip. Happy laughing!

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  1. That baby ad's so cute. I agree.. laughter is definitely the best medicine..
    I love to watch comedy movies.. it feels so good to laugh the stress away! :))