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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday – spring into action…with Yoga

Yoga mom Laura Kasperzak
Photo credit

It’s that time of year where the weather begins to change, and so does workout routines. As many begin to crave sunshine, there is also a longing to get in shape for anticipated warm front.
I saw a news clip recently that talked about mommy and child yoga photos that have gone viral. The poses were amazing. I’ve always heard about the benefits of Yoga, but when I tried yoga there was a lot of shaking going (my unsteady poses).

Check out the news article and amazing photos of Laura Kasperzak here. After viewing the photos, you may be inspired to spring into action with Yoga or some other fitness routine.
Below is my best attempt at mommy and child Yoga (if you stretch your imagination).

Would you try mommy and child Yoga?


  1. That picture of you guys is priceless! I've tried yoga a few times and have really enjoyed it -- once I got the breathing down pat. LOL.

  2. Thanks Alicia. I've only tried Yoga a couple of times myself, have not mastered the breathing yet (-: