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Monday, March 31, 2014

Muffins with Mom – The day the Incredible Hulk took over my body

My seventeen-year-old son got his first car last summer. It’s not a Mercedes, it’s not a Cadillac. In fact, my son’s car has a huge dent in the driver’s door which one of his friends said looks like the Incredible Hulk punched it.

One brisk, dark morning when my son’s car wouldn’t start, I was transformed like the Incredible Hulk. I didn’t turn green, but I did experience incredible strength. My son left his parked in the school bus lane over the weekend. He carpooled to the championship basketball game with other teammates.

I knew the car sometimes had trouble starting, but I didn’t anticipate we would have much trouble since we had jumper cables. We popped the hood on both cars, mine and his. The cables were placed in position, red on red, black on black. The car sputtered like it would start, but nothing happened.

I revved my engine a little. My son turned the key in his ignition. Still nothing. Finally I said, “We have to push the car out of this spot. The buses will start rolling in soon.”

The car was parked at the edge of the loop. Rather than push it all the way around the loop, I put the car in reverse. He pushed from the front, I steered and pushed standing on the driver’s side.

Headlights were headed in our direction. We waited, then pushed some more. After reaching the edge of the circle. We put the car back in neutral and pushed it into visitors parking area. When we hit a slight incline the car started to roll backward a little.

“Keep pushing,” I said. I had my feet planted firmly in position and moved forward slowly.

“I am pushing,” he replied.

We finally guided the car into a parking space, locked the doors and blasted the heat in my car to warm our hands. After a few minutes, my son went into school and I went home.

I missed going to the fitness center that morning, but pushing a car has got to count as a workout. Arriving home, I entered the house with my gym bag still in tow and got ready for work. I wasn’t sick, but wondered if I could call in tired.

Have you experienced a challenging situation lately?


  1. I agree. What a workout that must have been! I can't even imagine... Right now, I find it challenging just to walk a bit. Oh, the joys of pregnancy. :)

    Have a great week!

  2. Yes Dana, I remember how walking can be a bit of a challenge during pregnancy, especially toward the end.

    Happy Monday!

  3. That's some Hulk smash I wouldn't want on my car. Has he considered repairing it? If it's the size of a human hand, it could be fixed rather easily. Now if it's as big as the Hulk's hands, and the damage is as bad as the Hulk's, then that would require more work. Well, let's hope there won't be major car incidents after these two! Take care!

    Martha Brady @ Indianapolis Dent Company