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Friday, March 21, 2014

Fun Friday – What does your cell phone say about you?

A teen and his cell phone

Do you think a person can tell something about you by the type of cell phone you have? During a recent car ride with my son, which is where we have many interesting conversations, I began a conversation about cell phones. He sat in the passenger seat wearing his ear buds and listening to music on his phone.
I yelled to him, “You’re doing a good job taking care of your phone.”

He frowned and yanked one of the ear buds from his ear, “what?”

I repeated myself, “I said you’re keeping your phone in good shape.”
My son was proud of his state of the art phone which his Granny bought for him a year ago. His previous phone had seen better days – sometimes the screen went black or his voice messages were delayed. Needless to say the newer phone is greatly appreciated. As he reminisced about the old phone he shared this story with me.

“Did I tell you about the time I was going to get a girls phone number, but my phone wasn’t working right?”
“No, I don’t think you told me that one.”

“I asked her for her phone number and she was going to enter it in my phone. The first time she tried, the screen went black. The next time, the battery fell off the phone and it shut down. She finally gave up and said forget it, I’ll just write it down.”
On the day of my sons’ phone episode, I would say his inoperable phone was an indication that he desperately needed a new one. Below are a few ways your cell phone may be indicating something about you (I resemble 3 out of 4 of the scenarios).

·         If you own a flip phone, you may be over the age of 60 years (according to a teenager)

·         If you have a phone where you constantly have to ask your child to work the many features…you’re probably over 40 years old

·         If everyone in your house knows the secret pattern code to your phone…it’s time to change it, if you know how

·         If your kids constantly ask you, “why do you have a phone you can’t work?” you’re probably…me

Does your cell phone indicate anything about your personality?

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