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Monday, February 24, 2014

Muffins with Mom – The meaning of a hug

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Who amongst us doesn’t love a nice warm embrace every now and then? Well I received a hug from my teen son the other day and I don’t take that lightly. This is the son who is still going through the, “I don’t want to be seen with my mom at school” phase. And if he doesn’t do well in school, I’ve promised to show up and wave frantically at him.
Back to the hug episode…
It happened on a dark icy morning, as hints of light from the garage light peeked through my sons’ bedroom window. It was the usual time that I went in to wake him for school. This time I whispered three magic words to him, “school is closed.”
It was with outstretched arms that my son began his embrace. I hesitated a moment before I went in for the hug. After all, I’ve been known to give an accidental hug (when it wasn’t what the other person was going for).
With his face in his pillow and morning breath seeping through his lips, my son whispered, “Aren’t you going to hug me?”
I received the hug and held on a few seconds longer to bask the moment. My sons’ hug was an expression of the sheer joy he felt from learning he had yet another snow day.
And with all the love my son showed me on that cold winters morn, today’s feature muffin is a strawberry- banana love muffin.
Is there a special meaning behind a hug you received from your child?


  1. Awww... Aiden and I love to hug each other. He DOES have his moments when he doesn't want a hug in front of his friends though. And that's fine. But more often than not, we hug. And kiss. Often!

  2. Hugs are fun.

    Thanks for stopping by Alicia.