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Monday, December 2, 2013

Muffins with Mom – When the child becomes the teacher

Gingerbread with a dollop of Cool Whip

Are you ready for another episode of Muffins with Mom? Today I’m having homemade gingerbread (with the help of Betty Crocker). Sit down with your favorite treat and listen to how my son became my teacher.
As I was preparing to work on an upcoming writing project, I grabbed a Diet Coke as I usually do when I’m writing. Only this time, my son knew I was trying to cut back stop drinking my favorite beverage.

My son blocked my path and said, “You don’t have to do this, there are other ways. Don’t go down that road again.”
As I doubled over with laughter, my son tried to wrestle the Diet Coke bottle from my hand. And he kept talking, “If you keep doing this, we’re gonna have to have an intervention.”

I learned a lesson from my son that day…don’t drink Diet Coke in front of him.

Here are 8 other lessons I have learned from my children:

1.      It’s hard to reprimand a child when he makes you laugh.

2.      Laughing makes you feel better.

3.      Sometimes doing nothing is if fun.

4.      You’re never too old to have fun.

5.      No matter how much you plan ahead, you can still end up rushing somewhere.

6.      Complaining doesn’t make things better.

7.      Splashing through a rain puddle is not the end of the world.

8.      Tomorrow is another chance to get things right.

What lessons have you learned from your child?


  1. That's so sweet! One thing is for sure, if we tell our kids our goals they will jump in and help us meet them; whether we want them to or not! Love the intervention line!

  2. Thanks Peaches - this is my baby boy who HATES to admit that he looks like me. lol.

    Jenn - I liked the intervention line too. I almost let go of my bottle of Diet Coke, laughing so hard. He finally released me when I said I needed to write that down (-:

  3. You have a lot to learn from your kids! And yeah, Coke, diet or not, is bad for you! :D