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Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun Friday – A celebration with friends

A birthday celebration for Heidi (right)
Every now and then a Girls Night out is refreshing (or time in your man cave for guys). Recently a friend had a birthday, so several of us went to dinner with her as celebration. There was food involved and music so it was destined to be a joyous occasion as far as I was concerned.
As celebrations go, we talked, laughed and enjoyed good company. As we were finishing our meals, the dance music began. We sat in our seats and bobbed our heads to the beat of the music.
Then it happened, an old song came on that I loved to dance to. I shoved the last French fry in my mouth and rushed off to the dance floor. Shaking my shoulders and moving my feet to the rhythm of the beat was exhilarating. But then something else happened...

The DJ switched the music to a different era. All of a sudden my rhythm was off. I didn’t know whether to move faster or slower. “This is not from my generation,” I told my younger friend. I’m gonna have to get off the dance floor.”

I felt like Elaine from the Seinfeld sitcom. Have you ever seen the episode where Elaine is dancing? She has no rhythm and all of her limbs are flailing. Kind of like a fish out of water flapping all around.
Take a look at the video (warning- Elaine uses the “h” word).

Youtube video courtesy: Roncagliolo

A celebration with friends is meant to be fun and uninhibited. So love, laugh and live life to the fullest.
How do you celebrate a special occasion with a friend?


  1. I remember that scene! So funny!

    When I celebrate with my best friend from back home, we usually just go out to eat and talk. I cherish those times. ☺

  2. Food, music, lot's of chatter, and a real good laugh!. It's so healing..
    It's the simple things in life for me
    Sounds like you had a really nice time :)

  3. Dana, it's fun to get out with a friend no matter what you do.

    Dawna, you're right laughing is healing. Yes I had a good time.