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Monday, October 21, 2013

Meditation Monday - 7 Benefits of Meditation

Photo courtesy: www.pickthebrain.com

Have you ever thought, “It’s Monday and I’m ready for the weekend already?” Maybe you have a busy week ahead. The kids have practices, doctor’s appointments, you have deadlines at work. Your head is just spinning thinking it all through.
Could it be that you need to make time to relax your body and mind? I recently read an article that talked about the benefits of meditation. Below is an abbreviated version of the list.

1.      Meditation cam help improve mental sharpness

2.      Helps decrease stress and anxiety

3.      Meditation help you better manage your emotions

4.      Cures headaches and migraines

5.      Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation

6.      Helps with focus and concentration

7.      Enhances immune system

The article 100 Benefits of Meditation lists the physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits of meditation. Today, dare to do something different, make time to relax and meditate. Below is a short video to encourage you do something for yourself.
Have you ever tried meditation? How do you feel about meditation?


  1. I've never tried meditation, but I can see that it has definite benefits.

    Happy Monday! I've missed reading your posts. I'm so happy to be back. ☺